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What Do You Do When…People Are Rude?

Last night my husband and I planned to attend what we thought was a church fundraiser. It had been advertised in the church bulletin for weeks, and I had carefully clipped out the information to display on our bulletin board. The advertisement promised a barbecue dinner, casino games, and prize drawings. We’d been looking for ways to meet other young couples in our parish, and this casino night seemed to be the perfect solution.  Hopefully we’d get to know some people, but, if not, we’d still have a good time and benefit the church.

Were we ever wrong.


God Must Know I’m a Perfectionist

When you have a chronic disease, you spend a lot of time wondering why. In the months immediately after I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, all I could wonder was “Why me?.” I spent more time than I’d like to admit thinking of other girls who “deserved” to suffer more than I did.

Maybe they weren’t as nice, maybe they didn’t work as hard, or maybe they just needed a little hardship in their perfect lives. (By the way, I’m fully aware that many girls are nicer than I, work harder than I, and think my own life is perfect, but, please, cut twenty-three year old, newly diagnosed me some slack.)


Who Am I to Judge?

When I think of Pope Francis, I immediately think of his famous line, “Who am I to judge?.” Back in the summer of 2013, when he first uttered those five everlasting words, I was just beginning to toy with the possibility of converting to Catholicism. Thus, I was looking for problems with the religion, and, boy, had I thought I’d found one. I did not care for his response at all.


The Cost of Living

I received a phone call Monday morning that left me panicked. It was my medical supply provider informing me that I owed 20% more than I expected for my test strips. The strips were my first medical supply order in 2016, so I immediately thought my insurance must have changed. Twenty cents on every dollar doesn’t sound like a lot, until you realize how much test strips, continuous glucose monitor sensors, and insulin pods cost. A 20% increase would mean about $400 more a month. (more…)