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Your Place or Mine…How Do You Handle Vacations After Marriage?

Until I was in my mid-twenties I’d never been north of Dallas, west of San Antonio, or left the country. Before I was born my parents found the perfect vacation spot in Destin, Florida, and that became the only place we went. One of my mom’s friends once told her “You’ve got to take that child to more places than Florida.” Without missing a beat, I quipped “You have to go through three states to get there,” thus ensuring the safety of the Destin tradition for a few more years.


The Best Part of Planning a Wedding…That No One Talks About

I didn’t enjoy planning my wedding. Convincing the church that scheduling a baptism one hour before my wedding wasn’t in anyone’s best interest? Ordering 200 champagne bottle bubble wands only to discover that they did not actually blow bubbles? Not my cup of tea. My Pinterest wedding inspiration board was even named “Really…” as in “I’m really planning a wedding?” Imagine that said in an extremely skeptical voice. (more…)

Think Beyond Pink

It’s October again, and that means the world is turning pink. A pink banner adorns the downtown square, pink t-shirts are being worn, and pink ribbons are appearing across social media, all in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. All the support for breast cancer is great. It’s a terrible illness, and everyone affected by it deserves support.

However, the first October after I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, seeing pink everywhere left me feeling confused. Yes, breast cancer deserves support, but so do a myriad of other terrible illnesses that unfortunately also exist. That October, I couldn’t help but wondering, where is the support for everything else? (more…)

The Pope Isn’t a Republican…and How to Deal with That

Honestly, sometimes I don’t like the Pope. Do I respect him? Of course. Do I wish that I had known about the blessing he bestows upon newlyweds in time to plan on honeymooning in Rome instead of taking a Caribbean cruise? Absolutely. (Let’s be real here. Even if I had known in time, Europe probably wasn’t in the budget.) Do I try to learn from what he has to say? Certainly. I just don’t always agree with it. (more…)