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Hook ‘Em…Tech?

Only if you live in the South can you fully understand that upon marriage it was easier for me to change my religion than my college football association. I don’t even particularly like football, but around here college football isn’t just a pastime. It’s part of our culture, and fathers hand down team associations just like mothers hand down recipes. Men wear their team’s logo proudly displayed on their ball caps, and telling someone “I like your hat” might as well mean “Together we stand.”


May the Force Be with You…and Your Wine

Until three weeks ago I stood in proud solidarity with the dozens of Facebook users proclaiming they had never seen any of the Star Wars movies and had no intention of doing so. I couldn’t care less if the force was awakening, and quite honestly, I was a little concerned that so many adults seemed more interested in a fantasy world than this one.

Of course, as luck would have it, I married one of those adults.


The Right Time for Me…Why I’m Glad I Found Love Later

Lately I’ve been seeing articles about why people shouldn’t be afraid to marry young. The whole premise makes me laugh, because who on earth is afraid of marrying young? I don’t know about you, but I was never afraid of finding someone I wanted to spend the rest of my life with before I could legally order a margarita. Quite the opposite, actually. I was afraid of not finding someone to marry while I was young, or to be more accurate, ever.


Your Place or Mine…How Do You Handle Vacations After Marriage?

Until I was in my mid-twenties I’d never been north of Dallas, west of San Antonio, or left the country. Before I was born my parents found the perfect vacation spot in Destin, Florida, and that became the only place we went. One of my mom’s friends once told her “You’ve got to take that child to more places than Florida.” Without missing a beat, I quipped “You have to go through three states to get there,” thus ensuring the safety of the Destin tradition for a few more years.