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God Must Know I’m a Perfectionist

When you have a chronic disease, you spend a lot of time wondering why. In the months immediately after I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, all I could wonder was “Why me?.” I spent more time than I’d like to admit thinking of other girls who “deserved” to suffer more than I did.

Maybe they weren’t as nice, maybe they didn’t work as hard, or maybe they just needed a little hardship in their perfect lives. (By the way, I’m fully aware that many girls are nicer than I, work harder than I, and think my own life is perfect, but, please, cut twenty-three year old, newly diagnosed me some slack.)


The Cost of Living

I received a phone call Monday morning that left me panicked. It was my medical supply provider informing me that I owed 20% more than I expected for my test strips. The strips were my first medical supply order in 2016, so I immediately thought my insurance must have changed. Twenty cents on every dollar doesn’t sound like a lot, until you realize how much test strips, continuous glucose monitor sensors, and insulin pods cost. A 20% increase would mean about $400 more a month. (more…)

What’s Your Number?

When you live with type 1 diabetes, you get asked what your number is constantly. I know my family, and reading this is inevitably making them feel guilty for asking, but they shouldn’t. It’s something they need to know. Maybe I can’t eat in thirty minutes like we had planned because I’m running high, or maybe I’m not able to really pay attention to what they’re saying because I’m running low.


What My Pancreas Taught Me About Life

So I nearly died again last night. It sounds dramatic, but with type 1 diabetes it’s just something that happens. Even with the best control, insulin needs change and monitors fail, leaving me blearily consuming Starburst at one in the morning, grateful that I was able to wake up.

In the simplest terms, the fact that I have type 1 diabetes means that my pancreas failed. Remember that the next time a daytime television talk show host recommends cinnamon to help treat diabetes. Most people mean well, but would you really suggest that someone with heart or lung failure should check the contents of their spice cabinets for treatment options? I didn’t think so. (more…)