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Ten Dos and Don’ts for Helping a Couple Through a Miscarriage

When we went through our miscarriage last year I felt like many people wanted to help but were unsure of what to do or say. Since miscarriage is surprisingly common, and chances are it will happen to someone else you know, I decided to write the guide that I wish had been available for people then. What I really hope is that no one ever needs to use this guide, but if you do, I hope our experience can at least provide some comfort for others.


Nolan Ryan Wavrusa (and Other Baby Names That Won’t Be Happening)

When it comes to choosing a baby name, my husband and I have very different styles. I like to envision how the name would look on a resume, wedding invitation, and newspaper headline proclaiming the winner of the 2052 presidential election. Just to cover all my bases, I also like to try out prince or princess in front of any potential name, on the completely realistic chance that he or she will one day marry George or Charlotte and bring some southern style to Buckingham Palace.