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Dunkirk, Our World, and Hope (In the Space of One Nap)

I went to see Dunkirk with my dad this weekend, a rare, baby-free outing inspired by my quest to find some activity to mark his upcoming birthday. I won’t spoil the movie for those who haven’t seen it, but the grimness of battle left me wanting to steal away with my little family to a remote corner of the world where we could remain untouched by war or any other threat by man.

Of course, it soon occurred to me that even running away couldn’t save us from the malevolence of the world, leaving me torn between guilt over bringing a perfect, innocent baby into such an imperfect world, and the desire to have ten more just like him to create more goodness.


How Two Questions Can Change Your View on Lent…Even If You’re a Skeptic Like Me

Happy Easter! I’m a few weeks late, you say? Actually in Catholicism, the season of Easter is still going strong. Instead of a single day, Easter lasts the fifty days from Easter Sunday to Pentecost. (Which explains why the day after Easter Sunday I spent my lunch break stuffing 200 Easter eggs for a church hunt the following weekend.)

As Catholics, before we can celebrate Easter with egg hunts, ham, and of course Mass, we must first prepare ourselves…which brings us to the liturgical season preceding Easter, more commonly known as Lent.


Beyond the Boppy-Newborn Necessities You Don’t Know About (Or Are Confused By)

Now that I’ve been doing the motherhood thing for a whole four months I’m a qualified expert, right? And it’s high time I start doling out advice? Ha! If anyone has found that elusive manual people always joke about not coming with babies, please let me know.

Seriously, however, now that I’m emerging from the post-newborn fog, I realize that most of what I consider my newborn necessities weren’t on the Pinterest lists I read. A few were, but I was overwhelmed by the options when choosing them and now have clear favorites.

So, complete with helpful Amazon links (just click on the name), here are the best suggestions I can give any expecting moms. Or, if you’re looking for useful baby shower gifts, consider these surefire hits. (more…)

The Ginger Prince…Life With A Tyrannical Infant

When I pictured mornings with a baby, I envisioned waking a peacefully sleeping infant from his crib and dressing him in an adorable outfit. I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to fit waking him into my morning routine, but surely I could sandwich it in somewhere between recording my daily television shows and straightening my hair for the second time.

Fast forward three months into life with William, and the idea that I would work him into my schedule never fails to provide me with a good laugh at his 3 a.m. first breakfast. Not only did I overlook the well-known fact that the only place an infant peacefully sleeps is in someone’s arms, but I also severely underestimated a newborn’s power. Gone are the days when my husband and I were in charge of our lives. Clearly a new ruler has arrived, and his name is William.